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Study in Dubai

Study in Dubai, a futuristic city that is home to over 60 world renowned university campuses and colleges and that offers plenty of higher education opportunities meeting your aspirations. Pursue a world class undergraduate or postgraduate degree from this destination and advance your career globally.

Why Study in Dubai?

Studying in Dubai comes with a dual benefit of accessing global campuses of universities of world repute and job opportunities of a booming economy at the same time. Institutions in Dubai have affiliations with international universities, offer a wide range of programs suiting your academic pursuits and have world class learning facilities. Dubai is among the fastest growing world economies and has an entrepreneurial ecosystem that creates hundreds of thousands of new jobs in diverse areas. Presence of renowned global universities and a robust economy makes studying in Dubai a very lucrative choice.

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Second wealthiest emirate in the UAE, Dubai is known as the top business doorway for African and middle eastern countries. Top sector that drives growth of this economy is tourism though Dubai is fast developing an epicentre for service industries including Information Technology and Finance. Dubai Internet City and Dubai Media City are known for housing top IT firms and media organizations such as Microsoft, Oracle Corporation, IBM, HP, BBC, CNN and Sky News. Top jobs/sectors to look forward in Dubai include E-Commerce, Digital Marketing Specialists, Business Development & Sales, Education and Engineering & Technology.