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Study in Finland

A country with pristine natural beauty and landscapes, Finland is among Europe’s most modern and innovative countries. With an education system that is at par with global standards, it is also a popular choice of international students due to the academic reputation of Finnish Universities.

Why Study in Finland?

Finnish education system adopts a multi-disciplinary approach of combining self-studies with problem solving and well-rounded learning experience. Study in universities if research is your prime focus or enroll in universities of applied sciences for programs with more professional approach. High-tech laboratories, well-stock libraries, high-level infrastructure and technology along with top quality teaching that is accessible to all – Finnish universities impart necessary transferable skills to their students to prepare them for the academia and industry. There are good scholarship opportunities for international students with each university or university of applied sciences (UAS) having their own scholarship system.

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Popular Courses

Finland has a highly industrialized economy with services being the largest sector followed by manufacturing and refining. Electronics, Machinery, Automobiles, Forest & Energy are some of the largest industries in Finland. Career prospects are bright in the areas of Software Engineering, Nursing, Early Childhood Teaching, Accounting, Medicine & Law. Finland is a member of The United Nations, The Council of Europe and the World Trade Organization. Finland is also a top performer in many metrics of performance such as education, economic competitiveness, quality of life and human development.